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Welding consumerables research institute officially launched
Source: Keyword:industry news publishTime:2014-03-26

In March 11th,  Tangshan Hongpeng welding co.,ltd.and Tangshan Iron and steel co.,ltd. formally cooperated to establish Welding consumerables research Institute. High tech Zone Management Committee Deputy Director Su Donghong, Tangshan Iron and Steel Group leaders togetherly participate the ceremony.

Hongpeng welding industry company and Tangshan Iron and steel group cooperation began in 2010, the successful cooperation develops the high strength welding wire,heat-resistant welding wire and other products. After years of development, Hongpeng welding has been one of the most competitive domestic welding materials production enterprises. In 2013, Hongpeng welding co.,ltd. revenue reached RMB 1330000000 yuan.

This cooperation, Hong Peng and Tangshan Iron and Steel Group will achieve deepen cooperation, complementary advantages, powerful alliances in the new platform, has the important significance to Tangshan steel products and upgrade the welding consumerables and extend to industrial chain development.


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